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When and why you need a roadworthy certificate?

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When and why you need a roadworthy certificate?
Home / Blogs / When and why you need a roadworthy certificate?

Roadworthiness is an important aspect of being a car owner. It is a legal requirement that every car owner must fulfil in order to ensure that they have the legal right to drive a vehicle on the road. While most of the car owners take Roadworthy Dandenong as a light matter, it is actually imperative to hold a certificate as it offers you the assurance that you are driving a safe and secure vehicle. A roadworthy certificate is also required while you are selling a car or buying a new car.

When you sell or buy a car, the ownership of the vehicle changes. While selling, you will have to transfer the car in the buyer’s name and while buying you will have to transfer it to your name. In any case, any name transfer demands a roadworthy certificate before the process can be initiated. So, if you are planning to sell or buy a car, you first need to ensure that the vehicle is safe enough to drive and roadworthiness is proof of it.

The legal requirement for a heavy-load vehicle or public transport is a roadworthy test once every year before the license gets renewed. However, for buses, it is every 6 months.

How to get a roadworthy certificate dandenong?

To get a roadworthy certificate Dandenong, you need to reach out to the nearest vehicle testing station and submit an Application for Certification of Roadworthiness (ACR). You will also need to submit your vehicle’s registration certificate, ID and indicated fee, along with the application.

The application is processed within the same day and soon your vehicle will be scheduled for checking and you will get your Roadworthy certificate.

Why Roadworthy certificate is important?

A roadworthiness test and certificate offer you a range of benefits. Safety while driving the vehicle is one of the key benefits of getting a roadworthy Dandenong certificate. Moreover, you cannot get your license and insurance renewed without a roadworthy Dandenong certificate. Here are a few key advantages of roadworthy certificate:

  • It makes it easy to identify whether a vehicle is stolen, through the identification of the vehicle by the engine and chassis number.
  • During a roadworthy test, the professionals would also check that the vehicles are safe from all prospects including vehicle’s doors to ensure that they are attached to the hinges and that the inner panels are smooth with no sharp edges.
  • The vehicle’s electrical system is one of the major safety hazards and during a roadworthy test, it is checked by the experts. The vehicle’s electrical system includes vehicle lights, alternators, indicators, hooter, wipers, wiring, generator and battery.
  • Checking the security of the car seat is also included in the tests.
  • The windows are checked to ensure that the safety glass and window winders are in place.
  • The brakes are checked for functionality and condition.
  • Seat belts are not damaged.
  • Wheel’s tread and spare inspection.

It is very important to adhere to the legal requirements and obtain a roadworthy Dandenong certificate today to ensure you have a safe drive on the roads.

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