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Is Roadworthy Certificate required for bikes in Dandenong

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Is Roadworthy Certificate required for bikes in Dandenong
Home / Blogs / Is Roadworthy Certificate required for bikes in Dandenong

There is nothing that could beat the excitement and exhilaration of a bike ride. When you drive your favourite two-wheeler on the road and feel the splashes of wind on your face, you feel free, liberated and definitely on cloud nine. But before you prep yourself for your next bike ride, there is something that you must check. Yes, a roadworthy dampening certificate is one essential document that you must check before you take off to your dream ride on your precious vehicle.

What is motorcycle roadworthy certificate dandenong?

If you are a motorcycle owner planning to buy, sell, transfer or renew the registration, it is important to have a Motorbike Safety Certificate first. Also known as Roadworthy certificate, this document is provided by an Approved Inspection Station (AIS). The Australian Law identifies that driving an unsafe vehicle on the road is dangerous. It defines specific fines for Motorbikes that aren’t roadworthy and yet being driven on the road. The roadworthy parameters vary from one state to another in Australia and hence it is advised to connect with the local road transport authority to have a better understanding of Roadworthy certificate Dandenong.

Checklist for Motorbike Roadworthy Dandenong

A roadworthy certificate indicates that a motorcycle is safe to be driven on the road. The certificate is directed to keep the rider as well as the fellow drivers on the road and also ensure that the Motorbike is in compliance with the norms. The mechanics at the authorized inspection station would check your motorcycle thoroughly including its lights, brakes, handle, engine and other parts.

Just like any other vehicle, the motorcycle is also inspected for all major and minor details. The process for all types of inspection is similar. The body, as well as the functionality of the Motorcycle, would be checked by a licensed and experienced mechanic to ensure you are provided with a roadworthy certificate only if your vehicle is in safe conditions.

What is the process of obtaining a Roadworthy Dandenong certificate?

  • First and foremost, you need to book an appointment with an Authorized Inspection Station also known as AIS.
  • The mechanic would check the vehicle inside out and decide whether to pass or fail the vehicle. In case you fail, to pass the roadworthy certificate, you are given a grace period of 14 days to repair the faults and apply for roadworthy.
  • The Authorized Inspection Station would offer you a handwritten or a printed copy of the Roadworthy Certificate Dandenong.

Why Roadworthy dampening is important for Motorcycles:

If you are a motorbike owner, you need to have a roadworthy certificate. The certificate ensures that your vehicle is in safe conditions, You can transfer the motorbike to someone else’s name as well as sell or buy a motorbike without any hassle. Roadworthy certificate Dandenong is also an important document for the renewal of the registration. Makes sure you reach out to an authorized inspection station only, to get your Roadworthy Dandenong certificate issued.

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