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Tips to find a trustworthy mechanic around you

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Tips to find a trustworthy mechanic around you
Home / Blogs / Tips to find a trustworthy mechanic around you

Finding a trustworthy mechanic is really tough. You have to swim through a sea of options before you could lock in the right professional. What makes it even worse is the abundance of rogue mechanics in the market who not only overcharge you but also leave your vehicle more vulnerable. If you are a car owner, your car must be precious to you. Handing over it to someone random is the last thing you would think off. So, how have you planned to find the right mechanic and get a service worth the price? Well, here are some great tips to find a trustworthy mechanic around you:

Reviews and referrals are the keys:

The best way to find a trustworthy mechanic Dandenong is to rely on reviews and referrals. Start asking your friends and family about the mechanic they go to. You will get ample of good and bad reviews from different sources. This will help you narrow down your search.

Check ratings and review online:

The internet is a great friend of ours in times of needs. You can find ratings and reviews of mechanic around you and compare one mechanic with others. You can rely on google reviews or look for other trusted rating platforms for identifying the right person for the job.

Check certifications and memberships:

Modern cars aren’t as easy as they used to be a few years back. The cars today are more advanced and thus trusting a local mechanic might not be a good decision. While choosing the best mechanic Dandenong for the job, you must ensure that he holds the right certifications and is a member of the reputed automotive clubs. One of the important certification you must look for is a certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, also known as ASE.

Don’t let the price blind you:

Often vehicle owners fall for a cheap priced service and end up making a big mistake. Please note that price alone is not the key assessment factor while searching the right mechanic. You may find cheaper services near you but they do not offer quality and guaranteed results.

Don’t shy away from inquiring:

The best way to assess a mechanics skill and experience is to ask questions. You must enquire about their experience, cars they specialise in, how many cars do they repair in one day and also check their knowledge about the car by asking random car-related questions.

Check the equipment:

You may get a good chance to view the facility inside out and check which type of equipment and set-up do they have. Make sure that the car repair shop has modern equipment and arrangements to deal with the repair or service job of your car. To handle a modern car, it is important that the mechanic has the right set of equipment.

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