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We inspect your cars, making sure that they are safer to drive on the road. We check the roadworthiness of your vehicle and offer you a roadworthy certificate. We are qualified for offering Roadworthy Dandenong to our clients, only after assuring that the vehicle is 100% safe. An inspection followed by the roadworthiness certificate preserves the real value of your vehicle, offering you great return on investments. We are certified Roadworthy Dandenong testers to perform comprehensive and methodical inspections on your vehicles and find out loopholes to ensure the vehicle is 100 percent compliant to the roadworthiness standards.

At Aces Automotive, we are a team of expert roadworthy testers, putting our knowledge and skills on work to assess your vehicles. Dandenong has its own roadworthiness requirements, which are mandatory for every car owner to comply. We are qualified roadworthy testers, approved to offer Roadworthy Dandenong.

A roadworthy certificate is one of the major requirement when you are putting your car on sale.Until and unless you procure a roadworthy certificate Dandenong, from a qualified tester, you aren’t eligible to sell your vehicle, legally. There are several other conditions, where having a roadworthy certificate Dandenong is a must, including:

  • In case of a vehicle re-registrations.
  • When selling a used car- to grab a better price easily.
  • Buying a used-car and require an assurance, a roadworthy certificate can help you gain the desired level of assurance for your purchase.
  • Assessing a car’s safety quotient. Cars deteriorate over time and may become unsafe to drive on road. A Roadworthy Dandenong ensures that the car is safe and completely road worthy.

What’s included in roadworthy certificate?

A roadworthy certificate is a mandate released by the government. It is a measure that ensures that a car is safe enough to run on the road. The certificate is issued after a certified roadworthy certificate tester performs a thorough test of your vehicle and ensures that it is in safe conditions. It is important to get a roadworthy Dandenong when you are selling a car, buying a pre-owned car, or re-registering the car.

Why should a customer come for our roadworthy certificate?

We are licensed authorities for inspecting and issuing roadworthy certificates for cars of different makes and models. We have extensive experience in roadworthy inspections and have issued effective roadworthy certificates Dandenong to eligible candidates. Whether you are buying a car or selling one, we are a trusted car service provider for procuring a roadworthy certificate. Our capability, experience, and skills for evaluating cars are unquestionable. If you are looking for a roadworthy certificate, Aces Automotive is the right place to contact.

A car which is safe to drive makes sure you as well as the others on the road are safe from the risk of accidents. Moreover, a roadworthy certificate is a measure to attain the best selling price or purchasing price for an old car. So, make sure that you get your car to a trusted roadworthy certificate provider and get the certificate, ASAP.


Roadworthy Dandenong

Remember one thing; the Roadworthy test is not only checking about vehicles mechanical strength but also preventing the car from any internal damages by making a note of it. We also provide pre-inspection check to make sure the mechanical condition of your vehicle along with the roadworthy elements.

How much does a test cost?

Since it depends on the age, make or model and condition of the vehicle, we never set any fixed price for a roadworthy certificate in Dandenong.

Don’t think that getting a roadworthy certificate guarantees that your vehicle is mechanically reliable. It’s just a piece of paper which assure that your vehicle is safe enough to drive on road.

We also handle all mechanical repairs including air conditioning service, diagnostic maintenance/scans, tune-ups, brake, and clutch, etc.

Benefits of having a roadworthy certificate dandenong

Having a roadworthy certificate is mandatory for all vehicle as per the government guidelines. Whether you are planning to buy a second-hand car or are already a car owner, it is important for you to ensure that you have a roadworthy certificate Dandenong for the vehicle. The certificate indicates the safety that a vehicle offers as well as how driveable it is. With a roadworthy certificate, not only you ensure the best maintenance of your vehicle, but you also manage to get a good price for it whenever you plan to resell it. Roadworthy certificates are beneficial in a number of ways. Let us discuss some of its key benefits:
While a roadworthy Dandenong ensures that the vehicle is safe to drive on the road, it also helps the buyer of your car to know the same. When you approach a buyer to sell your car, you can present the roadworthy certificate as proof of the safe conditions of the vehicle. A roadworthy certificate is trusted so much because it is provided by a professional and certified inspector only.
For a car to run freely on the road, it is important to register it first. In many parts of the world, it is a mandatory requirement to show a roadworthy certificate to the registration authorities to register the vehicle.
A roadworthy certificate makes it very easy for car owners to apply for insurance. While it may be very tough for second-hand car owners to get the desired insurance, having a roadworthy Dandenong makes it easy.

Importance of roadworthy certificate

Roadworthy inspection is a thorough exam in which a certified examiner assess various parts and functions of a vehicle to ensure that it has the ability to be driven on the roads. The key areas that are assessed during a roadworthy inspection include:

Any car that is 3 years old needs to undergo this inspection once in a year and obtain a roadworthy Dandenong certificate. It is very important to have this certificate, as without it, driving a vehicle is illegal in Australia. The certificate also makes it easier to obtain insurance and get a car registered under a new name.

If you are a buyer considering buying a pre-owned car, a roadworthy Dandenong offers you a clear picture of the cars condition and ability. Moreover, it is a proof that the car is safe to drive and you can entrust it with the life of your loved ones.

A roadworthy Dandenong inspection is also a great opportunity to know more about the flaws of your car and maintain it at the earliest. It is advised to visit a mechanic shop before you apply for a roadworthiness test. This way, you can know the fault with the vehicle in advance and repair it before facing the inspector.

What to do if you roadworthy certificate is about to expire

Being a vehicle owner, you must be aware of all the documents that you need to have and update them in due time. If you fail to get the required documents updated, you will be interrupted in your driving pleasure with the authorities who regulate these documents. One of such important document which must be updated in time is Registration certificate. You must never forget the date of expiration of a few documents include RC & roadworthy certificate Dandenong and book an appointment with the RTO beforehand.

A registration certificate, also known as RC is an important document that is also a legal obligation imposed on a driver. You must have a valid RC with you if you want to avoid being penalised by the law. Before we answer the question in the title, let us first know what an RC is.

Every vehicle must be registered with the Regional Transport Office, and RC is a proof of registration for a particular vehicle. Registration Certificate was also referred to as Registration book previously, as it used to be in a format of a book with several pages. However, today, compact RC are issued in the form of a smart card.

As per the government rules, it is important for every vehicle to have a registration certificate before it is driven on the roads. Registration Certificate has a due validity, and it expires after the date is over. You will need to reach out to the RTO to get it renewed. While renewing your RC, the RTO will also check your roadworthy Dandenong certificate to ensure that the vehicle is safe to be driven on the roads.

You will have to take your vehicle to the RTO and get your RC renewed. The authorities at the RTO will check the vehicle for its roadworthiness and assess your roadworthy certificate Dandenong. If they find everything to be in the right place, and the vehicle is approved to be safe, your Registration Certificate would be renewed for the next six months. You can apply for an RC renewal online and get a renewed term for three months. However, for more renew term, you will have to visit the RTO and apply for Registration Certificate renewal.
Roadworthy Dandenong plays a significant role in your registration renewal as the RTO will check the roadworthy certificate before renewing the registration. A roadworthy certificate is proof that the vehicle is in safe conditions for the road and would not cause any harm to the driver as well as the other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. A roadworthy certificate offers details about all mechanical checks and structural checks of the vehicle and ensures that it is in a perfect driveable condition. Besides renewing the registration, you must also get your roadworthy certificate renewed before it expires. Every vehicle that is more than three years old must get a roadworthy Dandenong.

Key tips to ensure you do not face a rejection for a roadworthy certificate

What you don’t know about roadworthy dandenong

If you are a responsible vehicle owner, you must be aware of the importance of roadworthy Dandenong. Yes, it is one of the key essential documents that you must possess as a vehicle owner. However, you will be surprised to know that having a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle does not mean that the vehicle is technically sound. Yes, while a roadworthy inspection is done to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the extent of safety it offers to the driver, it is a superficial inspection. If you are planning to buy a second-hand vehicle. Relying on the roadworthy certificate only is not a very wise decision.

In this blog, we will walk you through a few important aspects of vehicle inspection that aren’t included in a roadworthy inspection Dandenong:

For a vehicle to pass the roadworthy test only 50% of the vehicle windows must be functional. This means that if the rest of the windows are not working fine, you will have a roadworthy Dandenong cleared. However, 50% of the functional windows must include the driver’s window.
The roadworthy Dandenong does not have any mandatory requirement for a spare wheel. So, even if the vehicle has no spare wheel, it can get a roadworthy clearance. You must notice that the vehicle you are buying has a spare wheel with it while inspecting it for purchase.
There is a provision for minimum brake pad thickness under the roadworthy Dandenong inspection. However, this does not mean that the brake pad needs to be brand new. Even if the brake pads have the minimum required thickness, there are high chances that you will have to replace them soon after you buy a vehicle. It is thus important to hire a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection to identify the status of the brake pads.

During a roadworthy Dandenong inspection, the authorised mechanic does not check the service history of the vehicle. There are chances that the inspection would omit to check the record of oil filters, air filters, cabin filter, fuel filters, engine oil change, brake fluid flushes, etc. which is an important part of the inspection otherwise. These aspects are important for the performance of the vehicle but not an indicator of unsafe vehicle. But, if you are buying a vehicle, these points must be considered to ensure you do not spend additional money on them, way before you have planned to.

Roadworthy Dandenong is a mandatory requirement of fulfilling the rules and regulations of the road safety authorities. However, when you are making a purchase decision, it is important that you take into account the additional inspection aspects to ensure you invest your money in the best option.

You can contact a professional mechanic to check the vehicle for you and indicate any such shortcomings. This will help you to evaluate your busying options and ensure the best price for your purchase. Now that you know what all is not included in a roadworthy Dandenong check, you can make a better decision.

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